Such a Crazy Time for Simon’s Cat

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It’s been a Crazy Time for Leighton Buzzard illustrator Simon Tofield, the creator of YouTube sensation Simon’s Cat.

The most recent video from Simon’s Cat has received almost five million views since it was uploaded on April 3. Crazy Time was the most popular video worldwide on YouTube on its first day of release, and the following day was trending on Facebook as the post had a newsfeed reach of over 4.7million.

Since Simon’s Cat first launched in 2008, it has uploaded 48 videos which on average have had over 10 million views each. Simon’s Cat is the second most popular animation channel on YouTube.

Simon said he is blown away by the loyalty of fans, adding: “The most rewarding part of having created Simon’s Cat is how engaged the fan base are around the world. We have built an amazing digital community which continues to grow and the numbers speak for themselves. We are really excited about the future of Simon’s Cat and can’t wait to see the development of colour and longer durations in our films take shape.”

The next step for Simon’s Cat will be to produce longer episodes in colour and a Kickstarter campaign is planned for autumn to fund production. Crowdsourcing will enable Simon’s Cat’s to engage further with its ever-growing fan base and draw on their support to help it evolve into a longer format.