Sunny outlook for solar farm?

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Plans for a solar farm that could power about 1,100 homes have been submitted.

A bid to install nearly 20,000 individual panels at the Oakwood Farm site on Rowden Lane, Mentmore has been submitted to Aylesbury Vale District Council.

Derby-based Bowler Energy group expect construction to take six months and claim there will be no loss of agricultural land, which is grazed by sheep, when the farm is completed.

The solar facility would be capable of sending five million kilo watt hours to the National Grid each year with zero carbon dioxide emissions.

Producing the same amount of electricity with fossil fuels would create more than two million kilograms of carbon dioxide a year.

Bowler Energy say the farm “would not cause any significant harm to either the natural or historic environment” and would not be visible from the nearby Mentmore Towers.

The panels, which would be spread across 26.6 acres of land, have a lifespan of around 20 years, at which point the site would be decommissioned and the land restored to its original use.

The Bowler Group has already installed three solar arrays – each made up of 64 panels – on the Oakwood Farm site, which were approved by the council in 2012.