Surgery makes police plea

Kelly Brooke and reception staff at The Whole Tooth
Kelly Brooke and reception staff at The Whole Tooth

A Leighton dental practice has started up its own petition calling for increased policing in the town after being burgled three times in six months.

Staff at The Whole Tooth finally snapped when a nurse caught a thief red-handed and the police refused to send an officer to the Grovebury Road surgery.

It took several calls before a scenes-of-crime worker turned up - the following day.

On Monday last week practice manager Kelly Brooke and her team launched their petition and it attracted dozens of signatures in less than 24-hours.

“We never see a patrol in the Grovebury Road area.

”In the last burglary the nurse caught a man going through handbags in a first floor room.

“We called the police and they said they wouldn’t send anyone out.

“If we’d had a working police station or officers out in the town they could have been here in a few minutes and caught the man.

“It was only when we pressed them, saying that we had preserved the crime scene, that they sent out SOCO the next day.

“Part of our council tax goes towards paying for a police force but we’re not getting the service we pay for.

“We want the public to come and sign our petition and then we’ll present it to the police crime commissioner and the government”.

On Monday South West Beds MP Andrew Selous met with the Chief Constable, Colette Paul, to ask that more police officers be based in Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable and Houghton Regis.

The MP also revealed that the force was being given an extra £8m funding from the government’s Home Office Police Innovation fund.