Teens hit the stars with out-of-this-world mission

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A group of budding engingeers from Cedars Upper School touched the stars when they sent a craft to space from Cambridge University on Saturday.

The pupils, members of an engineering club at the school, have spent the last six months planning, building and sourcing parts for the project to construct a vessel bound for the out-of-this-world project.

Comprised of a balloon and payload – which carried a tracker, sensors, a still image camera and a video camera- the craft reached 37.8km into the stratosphere.

At that height the balloon burst and an attached parachute eased the craft down at a rate of 30 metres a second, before slowing to around four metres a second.

With help from a member of the Southampton University space outreach programme, Cedars students tracked the vessel down to a crop field near the village of Glemsford, Essex.

It was found intact and will go on display at the school to serve as inspiration to other students.

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