Time to repair town clock after woman is wound up

Town clock Leighton Buzzard
Town clock Leighton Buzzard

Time is standing still in Leighton Buzzard as the temperamental town hall clock has frozen again, with confusion over who will repair it.

Angry resident, Doris Henderson, 64,called the town council on the week beginning July 14 after the clock had stopped working for several weeks.

After telling her to get in touch with Central Beds Council, she was then incorrectly referred back to the town council, with no-one seeming to take responsibility for the maintenance of the clock.

Doris, of Bideford Green, Linslade, said: “I am absolutely fuming about it. Whenthe old fire station was first given for commercial use, one of th e promises was that the town clock would always be working.

“It has broken down around three times recently, but no-one accepts responsibility. People may wear watches nowadays, but the clock is a symbol of our community. It is part of a historical building and it deserves to be maintained.”

The clock previously stopped in 2011 because its motor had broken and the control panel was damaged. There was some diffculty getting it repaired as the parts required were obsolete.

However, since the town’s timekeeper has broken again, investigations have started to get it ticking once more.

Central Beds Councillor Maurice Jones said: “We’re unclear as to why Ms Henderson was told that we were not responsible – we believe we are, have informed her of that and have started to investigate the process of appointing a specialist to repair the clock.

“As people will appreciate, it is in a tricky place to inspect and carry out repairs but please be assured that we’re working on it.”