Digital safety camera aims to cut speeding in Leighton street by 60%

Soulbury Road safety camera : Photo by Alex Hollowday
Soulbury Road safety camera : Photo by Alex Hollowday

A new digital safety camera aimed at tackling speeding in Soulbury Road, Leighton, should cut the number of drivers breaking the limit by 60 per cent, Central Beds Council has claimed.

The “high risk” area was considered for speed limit reductions but it was decided by the council that a camera would be a more effective solution to the problem of speeding on the road.

The new cameras are owned and maintained by the Central Beds Council but enforced by the police.

They are capable of enforcing two lanes of traffic at one time using front and rear technology and continual images are sent to the police for processing.

Councillor Brian Spurr, Executive Member for Community Services, believes that they will make a big difference for both road users and residents.

He said: “We are expecting a 60 per cent reduction in speed offences on the roads covered by these cameras”, he said. “This will reduce the risk of road casualties and improve the quality of life for nearby residents.”