Trish wades in to demand action over huge puddle

Trish Cech has to cycle through a large puddle to and from work in Grovebury Road every day.
Trish Cech has to cycle through a large puddle to and from work in Grovebury Road every day.

Leighton’s industrial estate employees are being forced to wade through a two-foot puddle just to get to work - leaving them in deep trouble as the weather turns.

Trish Cech, who works at Spirit Fleet Solutions claims that the infamous puddle on Grovebury Road has been pumped by Central Beds Council for the past ten years.

But not this year, as Trish says she has no option but to take the plunge and cycle through the puddle that leaves her soaked to the skin daily.

Trish said: “It is not very pleasant when you are on your bicycle.

“You have to put your foot down and really get going if you want to get through the puddle, if not you have to lift your foot up or you get really drenched.

“I am sick and tired of it. I have called the council at least six times, but they just keep fobbing me off. I think I am being very patient with them.

“I have been the ‘good cop’, but now I am being the ‘bad cop’. I don’t want to go out at lunchtime anymore because I get soaked on my way to work and on my way out as it is. It is just horrible.”

After six phonecalls to Central Beds Council over Christmas, Trish said: “They say they have to look at the structure and have to see if they can get subcontractors to come and pump it.

“It sounds like, to me, they don’t want to pump it out like they usually do until they look into the structure, which is a good thing, but in the meantime it is very unpleasant for all of us working here.

“There is a high volume of cars and big lorries that are passing through here.

“The cars are leaving here covered in mud because of the puddle. A mechanic told me that if someone stalls their car in the middle of the puddle, then it’s history.”

Councillor Brian Spurr, spokesman for sustainable communities services, said: “We are aware of this issue and we are working to resolve it as soon as possible.

“Our contractor has been on site to clean the two pumps which are in place to drain excess water from the road.

“Unfortunately the back-up pump has failed and the one remaining pump has not been able to adequately deal with the deluge of wet weather we have been experiencing.

“We apologise for any inconvenience and can assure local businesses that we are doing everything we can to clear the water.”