Trolley collision leaves £500 bill

Mr Bradley faces a �500 bill for the damage
Mr Bradley faces a �500 bill for the damage

A Leighton motorist is still fighting for compensation seven months after his car was struck by a runaway trolley in a supermarket car park.

Paul Bradley, of Hydrus Drive, was driving his car into the Tesco on Vimy Road in December when the trolley broke away from a storage area and collided with his vehicle.

Mr Bradley faces a �500 bill for the damage

Mr Bradley faces a �500 bill for the damage

The crash dented and put the tip of the Skoda Fabia’s wing out of alignment, as well as causing a chip to the bonnet.

Following the incident Mr Bradley was given a £475 estimate for the damage – a total that does not include VAT.

After registering a complaint Mr Bradley was told that the supermarket giant would not accept liability.

In a letter sent to Mr Bradley in March a claim manager admitted that he had not taken the account of a witness to the incident, mistakenly stating “we accepted your version of events that you reversed into a trolley in the car park.”

Mr Bradley told LBO that the incident had “left a bitter taste”.

He said: “I was told that there are rumble strips to stop trolleys from rolling down the incline in the car park, which is not true.

“A witness who was there at the time said there was no way that I wouid have been able to avoid the trolley but Tesco didn’t even bother to contact her.

“They have said they will appoint a solicitor to defend the case if I took legal action.”

A Tesco spokesman confirmed the supermarket would not accept liability for the incident.

He added: “We were very sorry to hear that Mr Bradley’s car was involved in a collision with a trolley.

“We take a number of steps to ensure that customers’ cars are safe in our car parks.”