Vets chip in with the story of Dempsey

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It’s National Microchipping Month throughout June, so Leighton’s Ark House Vets have told us the story of Dempsey…

Vet Kate Semple said: “When Joanna Merrison moved to Leighton Buzzard 13 months ago she was careful to take advice and kept her tabby cat Dempsey inside for a few weeks. Sadly, shortly after he was allowed out he disappeared.

“Joanna kept hoping he would turn up and, having had him microchipped, kept hoping he might be found and identified.

“After a year without him, however, she had pretty much given up finding him.

“Meanwhile a couple of miles away one of our veterinary nurses was followed home by a friendly and hungry tabby.

“She didn’t recognise him and he didn’t want to leave so, thinking he may well be lost, she brought him into the practice to be scanned for a microchip. We were really pleased to find his microchip immediately.

“One call to Petlog gave us Joanna’s phone number and we were able to let her know that Dempsey was alive and well and waiting for her. They were really pleased to be reunited!”

Kate continued: This happy story would never have happened without a smart owner, a tiny microchip and a thoughtful vet nurse.

“Please get your pet chipped. It’s quick, simple and inexpensive.

“It’s National Microchip Month all June and microchipping is only £10 so book your pet in by calling 01525 373329 or booking online at

> Did you know that all dogs must be microchipped by law by 2016?