VIDEO: Wild West lunch feeds High Street

Leighton-Linslade high street took a trip to the Wild West on Sunday as it joined the national Big Lunch event.

Visitors were welcomed to the experience with an array of country music, bronco and swing boat rides, fun casinos, photobooths and cowboy entertainment.

Wild West Big Lunch, Leighton Buzzard, MPLO

Wild West Big Lunch, Leighton Buzzard, MPLO

Alongside this you could even try ferret racing and even see Pecan Pete’s famous lassoing show.

The Big Lunch was the second time this event has been held and saw people tucking into Wokabout noodles, paella, hog roast, fish and chips, barbecue, Thai and Caribbean food, as well as much more.

People could even bring their own food along and eat it under the giant parasol located on the High Street.

Gill Miller, events manager at Leighton-Linslade Town Council, said: “We are delighted so many people turned out, I think the weather certainly helped and around 2,500 people attended so it was a good turnout.

“There was so much for people to do and it created a wonderful atmosphere for residents in the town centre.

“It was packed on several occasions with people bringing food and picnics and just sitting under the parasol, it created a really nice feeling about the place.

“It was national The Big Lunch day across the country so we wanted to be part of that and really create a community spirit which I think is shown by the amazing turnout.”