Want to buy local food but don't know where?

Friends of the Earth want to reduce CO2 emissions

South Beds Friends of the Earth members have launched a campaign in support of Leighton's "I Love LB" initiative to highlight the benefits of local food shopping and in reducing CO2 emissions.

The group has created a colourful display which isin Leighton Library until the end of next week. They have also have produced a free directory of where you can buy local food in the Leighton/Linslade area. This is available in the library and throughout the town during the next two weeks.

The FoE, with the support of the "I Love LB" group, is askingshoppers to support the town's economy, the town centreand local farmersby shopping locally whenever possible.

Annie Taylor from South Beds Friends of the Earth, who co-wrote the directory, said: "Deciding to give less of my shopping budget to the big supermarkets has made me feel better about the food I eat.

"I still do a twice-monthly shop at the supermarket, but farm shops and the small shops in town are so much more friendly and personal.

"I get better personal service, and the food I buy is fresher and more honest. And the more I look around me, the more places I'm discovering that sell truly local food.

"The display in the library is colourful, lively and full of short facts to make you think more seriously about the food miles you put on your table. It is especially appealing to school children.

"There is also material available for those who might want additional information about food miles and FoE's nationwide Shop Local First campaign. And the Guide to Leighton/Linslade's Local Food might be the first step in convincing local residents to take advantage of what grows on our doorstep."