Wild protest to stop property development


A group of Leighton residents claim a council is ruining plans to open up a community and wildlife garden.

In the land between Regent Street and Miles Avenue an argument has broken out over rejected proposals to turn the green space into a vibrant area for the community.

While some residents are keen on the idea, Central Bedfordshire Council are refusing to allow any changes to be made because of the possibility of property building on the site.

“With so much housing development going on around Leighton Buzzard, I was saddened to hear this pocket of green space is also under threat,” said Holly Allen, a local resident and regular user of the space.

“Usable, publicly accessible green spaces are vital in these residential locations – if the streets are devoid of trees and grass verges, small green oases are surely even more crucial.

“Should we allow short-term revenue for the council to be considered higher priority than keeping important green areas for the benefit of residents, present and future?”

But Central Beds Council is claiming they could turn the area into a community garden in the future, but must first look at developing.

Councillor Richard Wenham, deputy executive member for Corporate Resources, said: “We’re always keen to support community projects where we can and this is no exception.

“Before anything can move forward, we need to look carefully at the potential for development but this doesn’t exclude the possibility of a community garden in the future.

“Our ultimate goal is to help provide much-needed additional housing and support the wild flower project on the same site, not one or the other – there would be room for both, given that the shape of the site means it wouldn’t be completely taken up by housing.”