Winner Princess Layer never enters a Rogue One!

Princess Layer, Eggi Master
Princess Layer, Eggi Master
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A star chicken from Leighton Buzzard has used the force to lay prize-winning eggs for two years running.

Princess Layer, owned by Neville Styles, 35, of Billington Park, entered her eggs into the Northampton and District Poultry Club show on May 13, along with fellow family chicken and Eggi Master, Ella.

Princess Layer and Ella made Neville very proud!

Princess Layer and Ella made Neville very proud!

Last year, Neville walked away with the coveted Best in Show award (thanks to Princess Layer’s entry in the ‘3 large light brown eggs category’) and this year the chickens did not disappoint with Princess Layer scooping Best in Show and three 1st prizes, while Ella won a 1st and 3rd - and all, of course, after laying their eggs Hands Solo!

Neville said: “Both Princess Layer and Ella are another year older - their eggs less frequent and the quality lower.

“Then a couple of weeks before the show, Ella went on an uncharacteristic run of laying for six consecutive days!

“We noticed our six large eggs had been taken away to be photographed with the trophy we had returned only an hour or so previously. Princess Layer had won Best in Show for the second year running!”

Neville first had the idea of keeping chickens when he saw some at Frosts, Woburn Sands, in 2011, learning they could live in suburbia. He has kept six or seven over the years and he and his wife, Jane, 32, are not huge Star Wars fans, but do enjoy creating ‘punny’ names, having a previous chicken called ‘Repecka’!