Work set to start to repair ‘disgraceful’ road by station

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Road repairs and improvements will begin on the area outside of Leighton Buzzard train station on Thursday, August 28.

Network Rail will carry out the work at night-time to minimise the impact on station users.

The improvements come after Tony Drury, a rail user and local author, wrote an angry letter to London Midland.

In the letter he mentioned the problems he faced on the roads outside of the station.

He wrote: “The roads around Leighton Buzzard station are a disgrace and you are trying to hide behind Network Rail. What you forget is that all car drivers have to pass over these roads to reach the car park which is your responsibility. It is a disgrace and has been like this for many months. It requires maintenance which should already be in your budgets and not require special funding.”

He also wrote about the congestion he faced when on a train journey recently, adding: “The conditions were appalling, the carriages were already crowded when the train arrived at Leighton Buzzard and I stood the whole way.

“It was inhuman, it is the holiday season, you have a responsibility to the public.

“The conductor could not get through the train hence my concern that I suspect the conditions were in breach of Health and Safety regulations and put the safety of passengers, many of them parents with young children children, at risk.”

London Midland stakeholder manager, Gerard Burgess, replied to the letter, saying: “Network Rail will carry out the road repairs and improvements at night to minimise the impact on station users. It begins on Thursday 28th August and it should be complete before the end of this month.”

He also stated that ten new trains will come into service in December at Milton Keynes, although they will not stop at Leighton Buzzard, they will ease the congestion as there will not be as many passengers on the trains that stop at Leighton.

Andrew Selous MP has been a fierce critic of the state of the road outside the station.

Back in May he said it was “like an Albanian cart track”.

This week he added: “I think to be fair to Network Rail they were ready to go a while back but they have to co-ordinate the work with Central Bedfordshire Council to redesign the plans. I hope they get the work done to a good quality and this problem never happens again, it has been very bad for a long, long time and I am glad that something is finally being done about it.”