You must be yolking surely!

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A family were left shell shocked after a one-in-a- trillion chance saw them find six double-yolked eggs in one box.

Mark Richardson, 36, his partner Kelly Rogers, 33, and their three children, were egg-static to discover that their fried egg meal was even rarer than the odds of winning the lottery, which in comparison, is only 14 million to one.

Mark said: “We were in the kitchen on Sunday morning making breakfast and I cracked open the first egg which had a double yolk. After the second turned out to be the same, the kids kept egging me on to break them all.

“None of us new how rare it was and we were so excited! We didn’t want to eat our special finds at first but they turned out to be delicious.”

Olivia, seven, Lewis, five, and Alfie, 20 months, will have an egg-cellent story to tell friends thanks to their grandmother Elayne Regan, 61, who lives in Norfolk and supplied the Manor Drive, Stewkley family with the box, bought from her local free-range egg farm.

According to superstition, the Richardson family could be bringing more children home to roost, as finding a double-yolked egg can mean that someone in the immediate family is pregnant with twins.

Other folklore tales also indicate that life will soon turn ‘sunny side up’, with predictions of good luck and marriage. “We’ve got three kids and we don’t want any more,” laughed Mark. “We’d rather have a lottery win, but the spookiest coincidence is that Kelly and I are actually getting married in August!”

The c-lucky double yolks usually occur in young hens about 20-28 weeks old when they form a shell around more than one egg yolk.