Tony’s thriller in movie deal

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Leighton Buzzard thriller writer Tony Drury is on a roll with his latest book, A Flash of Lightning set to be made into a £3m movie.

It is the second of the former City financier’s four books to get a film deal and follows Megan’s Game which is already in development.

On Thursday Tony, of Redwood Glade, met up with a team from Spring Time Films, to visit the infamous Bridego Bridge, scene of the Great Train Robbery, and a key location in Tony’s book.

Producer Shirani Le Mercier who has previously worked on The Da Vinci Code and Black Hawk Down, brought with her scriptwriter Rob Green and co-producer Jane Foster.

Said Tony: “I met Jane at the Baftas and we got talking”.

“It was a golden day.”

Rob added: “I’d written a lot of sci-fi lately and I was looking for this sort of book. I instantly saw the potential.

“I want to make it utterly compelling.”

Shirani said the story, which involves terrorism, Muslim extremists and the murky world of banking, is “very current.”

“I am very keen that this will be a British film and we will be brave with the story.”

The film is expected to be released in 2016.




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