“McCartney” guitar sale strikes chord with John

Bunning's Hofner and memorabilia

Bunning's Hofner and memorabilia

A gold-plated bass guitar with links to Paul McCartney and once owned by a Leighton musician has been sold at a US auction for $200,000.

The provenance to the Selmer Hofner guitar has become a legend in its own right.

It was once owned and played in the 1960s by Leighton musician John Bunning who, as a teenager, performed with local band Cliff and the Cliff Tops.

The 14-year-old bought it from a music shop, taking it home in a plastic bag. He later discovered its remarkable story.

John eventually swapped the instrument with a friend and, several sales down the line, it appeared in an international auction catalogue in 1997 purporting to have once been owned by The Beatle.

When its ownership was questioned the sale fell through.

Now it has been resold in Los Angeles.

Back in their heyday Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, did a deal with the guitar manufacturers to have McCartney photographer with their guitars, striking his familiar thumbs-up pose.

The company also made a one-off bass for Macca but, although he was snapped receiving it, the left-hand guitarist never actually took ownership of it.

After the photoshoot it did a tour of trade shows and disappeared.

It later went on the open market and ended up in a Luton Music shop where it was spotted by John.

Said John: “It sold in Beverly Hills for $200.000 !

“Phew. Its’ a long was from Garden Hedge to Beverly Hills but she made it.

“Sadly I don’t get any dosh but there’s been a shed-load of hype about it over the years. “




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