Twins at the double for lambing visit

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With even more multiple births expected than ever before, the start of Mead Open Farm’s 2014 Lambing Season was officially celebrated on Saturday with the help of the Leighton Buzzard Twins Group.

Invited as VIP guests for the day at the Billington venue, the twins and their parents enjoyed meeting the pregnant ewes in the Lambing Nursery and even meeting some of the lambs already born – including triplets!

Roy Darragh, lambing expert at the farm: “With so many twins and triplet lambs due this year, we were delighted to invite the Leighton Buzzard Twins Group to celebrate with us at the farm. We are looking forward to welcoming the new arrivals and visitors will be pleased to learn they can watch the action 24/7 on LambCam on the Mead Open Farm website!”

LambCam can be found at

Leighton Buzzard Twins Club meet fortnightly at the town’s Salvation Army Hall. For more information visit