SAS hero to storm The Grove

FOR the first time ever a member of the legendary Special Air Service (SAS) tells his story live on stage.

Thursday, 10th May 2012, 1:19 pm

Pete ‘Snapper’ Winner is a larger than life character and boasts of being the last British soldier to be flogged. “I was the only sergeant in the British army with twelve stripes, three on each arm and six on my bum!”

Eighteen years in the SAS saw Winner, code-named Soldier ‘I’, survive the savage battle of Mirbat, parachute into the icy depths of the South Atlantic at the height of the Falklands War, and storm the Iranian Embassy during the most famous hostage crisis in the modern world.

Pete also details his close-protection work around the world, from the lawless streets of Moscow to escorting aid convoys into war-torn Bosnia. He also unveils the problems of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder faced by many Special Forces veterans, and how he battled his own demons to continue his roller-coaster career.

He was amongst the eight soldiers who faced an enemy of 400 at Mirbat, one of the British army’s greatest victories since Rorke’s Drift. With the help of pictures and slides he takes the audience on a dramatic journey as Snapper tells of lost friends and great heroics during Britain’s ‘secret war’ in the Oman.

In the second part Snapper reveals how he got the title ‘Soldier I’ and, with original footage, take us into the Iranian Embassy, as the extraordinary bravery and skill of the SAS is famously revealed to a TV audience of millions across the world.

It’s likely to be brutal and bloody but an unforgettable night. On Saturday, May 19, at 7.30pm. For tickets to this unique event call the box office 01582 602080 or go online