Slava’s Snow Show (review)

THE crazy magical world of Slava Polunin returned to Milton Keynes Theatre this week and it brought out the inner child in every member of the audience.

The opportunity to spend 30 minutes batting giant balloons around the auditorium and scooping up armfuls of fake snow for playfights and ambushes proved too much for the adults who inhabited the pricier stalls seats.

Much to the envy of the school parties in the circle seats, who were too high up to participate in the fun, the funny little clown and his strange group of friends sat on the stage while the public entertained themselves. I think he may have found a new wheeze for theatre owners. Don’t bother with paying for performers - just let in the audience and give them a few balls to play with - AND they’ll pay for the privilage!!

But Slava is a king among clowns.

He shuffles on stage wearing an outsized yellow babygro, red scarf and fluffy slippers trailing a long rope. He hits on the idea of hanging himself (hang on, is this family entertainment?) but after putting a noose around his neck discovers there’s another clown doing the same thing on the other end. They decide against the plan and, after a bit of business, shuffle off.

And that’s what it’s like. Slava’s Snow Show is a show like no other. Truly unique. It’s impossible to describe to anyone who hasn’t fallen under its spell because it is simply a mind-blowing experience.There’s interaction between Slava and his artistes, an awful lot of dry ice that must have choked the first six rows, and a series of whimsical sketches that were just out of this world.

The last five minutes is something to behold but, is my imagination playing tricks with me ? But the last time I saw the show at MKT I’m sure the performance was longer and the finale had a much bigger build-up. This time the first haf ended after 30 minutes and the second half wasn’t much longer. Come on Slava - give us more of your wonderful magic!

Slava’s Snow Show runs at MKT until Saturday. For tickets call the box office 0844 871 7652 or go online