Measures to stop rail commuters parking in Linslade street prompts protest

Grasmere Way, Linslade.... Photo:Google
Grasmere Way, Linslade.... Photo:Google

Residents angered by commuter parking near Leighton Buzzard railway station are calling for changes to measures designed to curb the problem.

A single yellow line was introduced in Grasmere Way at Linslade, which was originally the preferred choice of two thirds of people locally.

But it has proved controversial for owners of smaller properties without drives and for those living in flats, some of whom have received parking tickets.

The area has a mix of housing with enough space for driveway parking at the majority of bigger homes.

The situation has prompted a 90-signature petition to be submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council asking for a residents’ parking zone to be introduced instead.

The petition says the Clovelly Green Residents’ Company opposes the new parking restrictions on Grasmere Way.

It wants the permit scheme to operate for the “top end” of the road, covering properties 1-176.

A third of residents opted for parking permits or no change in the original survey.

“It’s unreasonable that the residents of Grasmere Way can no longer park on the road outside their properties throughout the day,” says the petition.

“This restriction is particularly inconvenient for those who don’t drive to work, or are retired, or who work from home, as well as those with more than one vehicle.

“There are times when the local bus cannot drive through because there are cars parked on both sides of the road,” adds the petition.

“In the event of an emergency this could be a serious problem as the parked cars could block access for emergency service vehicles.”

But they may be forced to wait for a new system as a report to the local authority’s traffic management committee says the cost of implementing a residents’ parking zone is high.

“A sound financial case is needed to justify a small stand-alone scheme and its enforcement,” says a report to councillors.

It suggests any change to waiting restrictions in Grasmere Way should be considered only as part of a wider-area review into parking demand across Linslade.

The committee is due to consider the issue on Thursday, June 7.