MP welcomes ‘vital’ extra carriages promised soon for Leighton Buzzard rail commuters

Leighton Buzzard Railway Station
Leighton Buzzard Railway Station

Leighton Buzzard’s MP has welcomed a promise by West Midlands Trains to provide extra carriages soon to help the town’s commuters.

Andrew Selous spoke in the House of Commons on Tuesday on behalf of constituents who have long complained about the poor level of services to and from the capital.

The South West Beds MP said: “I know how incredibly important a reliable train service is to my constituents and I will continue to speak up for the needs of rail commuters.

“West Midlands Trains serves Leighton Buzzard in my constituency. I learned recently that it is about to invest another £70 million in train maintenance and will provide an extra 10,000 seats to London each day, which will be available during the daily peak times.

“That will happen over the next few years but, more importantly, there will be two extra class 319 carriages to help commuters from Leighton Buzzard in the next few weeks. That is vital, with the extra housing growth that we have in Bedfordshire.”

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