Permit scheme plea from Leighton Buzzard residents struggling to park outside their homes

Hockliffe Road, Leighton Buzzard    (Google)
Hockliffe Road, Leighton Buzzard (Google)

A group of Leighton Buzzard residents annoyed by casual use of the parking spaces outside their homes face further frustration over their demand for a permit scheme.

A request for residents only parking arrangements outside numbers 96 to 78 Hockliffe Road is due to be rejected at a meeting next week.

Hockliffe Road (A4012) is a main access route into Leighton Buzzard from the A5.

The petition says there are regular “non-resident vehicles using the on-street parking bays” along the road, according to a report to Central Beds Council’s traffic management meeting.

“These include residents of nearby Pelham Mews, the staff and customers of a veterinary clinic, and other vehicles which are parked for extended periods without any identified owners,” says the report.

The vets has its own car park with space for up to ten customer and staff vehicles.

The petition says: “We are continually inconvenienced by the very limited on-road parking on a distinct portion of Hockliffe Road because of non-residents using the unrestricted parking.

“This means residents of the street are unable to park their cars within the on-street parking facilities available.

“This has caused massive inconvenience to the residents of the houses opposite, some who are not as mobile as others, and families with very young children shopping, who struggle to get near their houses to unload.”

Three or four vehicles associated with the vets are left in the on-street parking area to free up spaces at the clinic for customers, claims the petition.

It adds that residents from Pelham Mews park outside the development, on Hockliffe Road, even though there is adequate parking provision there.

“We believe a large portion of the parking issues arising in this area are caused by individuals not using the parking which has been assigned to them at Pelham Mews and that’s available to them at the vets.

“We would urge the council to review this petition in favour of the local residents and prioritise a permit parking scheme for this section of Hockliffe Road, as already in place in similar areas in Leighton Buzzard and Linslade.”

The petition from the residents was submitted to the council in January.

“The installation of waiting restrictions other than a permit scheme would adversely affect the residents,” says the report.

“The petition proposals are recommended to be rejected as the resident permit holders only scheme cannot be justified.”

This suggestion is “based on the current parking bay length of 50m and the number of residential properties.”

The parking spaces at the vets are considered adequate for the business, adds the report.

And the residents of the Pelham Mews properties have enough parking “within their compound”.

A final decision is due to be taken at the traffic management committee on Tuesday (March 26).

Residents will present their petition and any opposing views could also be taken into account.

The final recommendation based on the evidence available is made by Conservative Arlesey councillor Ian Dalgarno, who chairs the meeting.