TV bride finds dress to impress at first sight!

Ann (pictured) thought Melissa and Clark hit it off really well
Ann (pictured) thought Melissa and Clark hit it off really well

A Leighton Buzzard bridal shop were thrilled to be featured on popular Channel 4 programme, Married at First Sight.

Ann’s Bridal Room, in Bridge Street, was chosen for show contestant, Melissa, 27, who selected her beautiful ‘Ella Rosa’ wedding dress from the store.

Melissa appeared in Series 2, episode 1, of the programme, which sees participants marry someone they have never met before, but whom experts think will match due to DNA tests and a personality survey.

Ann Beggs, shop manager, said: “The filming was done back in May, and I’d completely forgotten about it until I got a text from somebody saying, ‘I’ve just seen you on telly!’

“Channel 4 didn’t tell me which programme it would be for and Melissa couldn’t say – I just didn’t want it to be for Don’t Tell the Bride!”

C4’s Don’t Tell the Bride sees the groom choose the dress, rarely to the tastes of his wife-to-be, but luckily Melissa’s dress was a big hit.

The student nurse married Clark, 26, a business executive, the groom stunned as she walked up the aisle.

Ann said: “Melissa visited with her mum and friend, spending five hours choosing.

“She was a lovely girl and could wear anything.

“I knew she needed a dress with the absolute ‘wow’ factor!”

Ann can’t reveal if the marriage worked, but Cosmopolitan magazine found Clark’s Instagram, his September posts mentioning a ‘wife’. Viewers have to keep watching the series to find out!