Week night noise begins for Stoke Hammond residents due to railway work

Rail news
Rail news

Ongoing rail works in Stoke Hammond means no peace at night for some residents, with complaints of round-the-clock noise.

Sleepless nights are particularly affecting those living close to the main railway line, as Network Rail embarks on major works on a one-mile section of track running through Stoke Hammond.

Greg Noble, chairman of Stoke Hammond Parish Council, said: “Some house were delivered with notices about this forthcoming work, but many were not.

“So a large number of residents were surprised and somewhat shocked to be awoken and kept awake by a continued assault on the ears by a barrage of construction sounds that went on throughout the entire night of the first weekend of works. Apparently, this weekend working will continue until March 24, but also include weeknights from March 18 to 23.”

The works are part of Network Rail’s “upgrade plan” to deliver essential improvements across Britain’s ralways. A High Output Balast Cleaning (HOBC) machine is being used to remove any worn balast (the material on which rails and sleepers sit) from the track.

A letter from Network Rail to residents stated: “The HOBC is half a mile long with locomotives at either end. When it is in operation there will be noise from the machine and also associated lights. This is a noisy operation but this is a moving work site and will balast clean around 250m of track at night. The train itself does have a siren to warn people it is approaching them.”

Works will continue each night of this week until Friday, (10.20pm-6.10am). The final planned work date is on Sunday (1.30am and 6am).