GCSEs: Attainment at Cottesloe in Wing continues to rise

Cottesloe GCSE 2017
Cottesloe GCSE 2017

The Cottesloe School in Wing says it is delighted with the GCSE results achieved by students this year, especially in the reformed English and Maths qualifications.

In these subjects there has been an increase in the levels of understanding and application required.

The percentage of students who achieved a grade 4 or higher in English and Maths was 81% and 70% respectively, with the percentage of students achieving both at 65%.

The school said its results day is all about celebrating students’ achievements and individual successes. Students with fantastic grades include:

Charlotte Armitage 3 A*’s, 2 8’s, 3 A’s, B, 6, C.

Ellie Johnston A8, 6 A’s, B, 9, 8, 7.

Elodie McMinn 2 A*’s, 4 A’s, 8, 6, 7.

Headteacher Andy McBurnie said: “Congratulations to all students, these results provide a gateway to the next stage of their education and we look forward to welcoming students back into the Sixth Form.

“Student attainment at Cottesloe continues to rise, I must pay tribute to the hard work of all the staff at the school who have given so much time and support to ensure all students have the opportunity to succeed.”