GCSEs: Maturity of students praised at Vandyke Upper in Leighton Buzzard after 'exam season like no other'

Vandyke Upper headteacher Tim Carroll has offered his congratulations to the class of 2020 as students received their GCSE results today.

Thursday, 20th August 2020, 5:56 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th August 2020, 5:59 pm

Speaking of "an exam season like no other", Mr Carroll said the results gave everyone associated with the Leighton Buzzard school reason to be proud.

He said: "Today’s results day has run very smoothly, just as last week’s A-level results day did and again I must commend students. Despite the understandable anxiety and concern built up over recent weeks with constant stories in the media and the whole circus of last minute announcements and re-announcements, the way students have responded has been admirable. Their maturity is impressive and a great credit to them.

“Finally they have their results and they can move on. So many students have worked so hard and deserve their successes this morning. They have done brilliantly. They have been a super group of students to work with. Staff understandably feel proud of them and their achievements today.

Vandyke GCSEs 2020
Vandyke GCSEs 2020

“Looking at the results for the school overall they are another exceptional set of grades in line with last year’s outstanding results and follow on from very strong A-level grades once again last week. They are a measure of the strength of the school and the hard work and commitment of Vandyke staff. Everybody at Vandyke can take pride in our students and their success.”

Eve Cawood will join the Vandyke Sixth Form to study A-levels in French, English, Chemistry and Biology. She said: “I am pleased with my results. I decided after the mocks to work even harder because I really wanted to get the best grades I could so it has paid off.

"I waited until 10am to open my email with my Dad. My Mum and Dad are both over the moon with my grades which is a lovely feeling. We are going out for a meal to celebrate. I can’t believe how these 3 years have flown past but I am excited to join the Sixth Form with my friends and to be the first into Vandyke’s new Sixth Form Centre!”

Daniel Sandiford’s highlight was a Grade 9 in physics and Grade 7 in both French and German. He said: “I went to all of the revision sessions I could and I know that made the difference for me. The atmosphere in school is so positive, I am excited to stay on now and join the Sixth Form.”

Vandyke GCSEs 2020

Among Emma Baker’s results were six at Grade 9 and three at Grade 8. “I am delighted that I got 9 in all of my science subjects,” Emma said. “My teachers have helped me so much. It is the personal feedback that makes the difference. At A-level I am going to study maths, further maths, physics and chemistry and will be among the first to use our brand new science labs which I am really looking to!”

Poppy Smith got five Grade 9, four Grade 8 and a Distinction Star in her results. “I am going into the Sixth Form to study maths, chemistry, biology and geography,” Poppy said. “At Vandyke you know the teachers are on your side, they just want us to do well and it makes for a great atmosphere.”

James Thomas achieved an incredible eight Grades 9 among his results and is joining the Sixth Form. “I am especially interested in maths and may look to study maths at university after A levels. It is a good feeling today after lots of hard work and a long wait for my results so it’s nice that it’s over.”

Sam Wilkins got all Grade 8 and 9. “I am delighted with my results,” he said. “I am really looking forward to getting back to school. I am going to take law, media studies, business studies and geography and my aim is to get to uni to study economics.”

Vandyke GCSEs 2020

Danielle Casey achieved highly with six Grade 9. “I can’t stop smiling!” Danielle said. “I am especially pleased with my maths grade and I am now looking forward to getting some sleep after a nervous wait. I am interested in politics so may go on to study that in the future after A Levels in law, history, media and English literature.”

Mr Carroll added: “For students from all starting points performance is very strong. Many students now go on to the Vandyke Sixth Form while others move on to college or apprenticeships. We wish them all well.”

Vandyke GCSEs 2020
Vandyke GCSEs 2020