How do upper schools in Leighton Buzzard area compare on latest Progress 8 scores?

Vandyke Upper School
Vandyke Upper School

Schools in LBO land have performed well in the annual Progress 8 results published by the Department for Education.

The results take into account the schools’ performance in GCSE and A-Level but are known to fluctuate each year.

Cedars Upper School

Cedars Upper School

Vandyke Upper School topped the table with a score of +0.28 above average, with GCSE results second only to Sandy Academy in Central Beds, and at A-Level recorded a progress score in the top 20% nationally for the third year running.

The average A-Level grade at Vandyke Uopper School is C+, which is joint-highest in Central Beds.

Vandyke headteacher Tim Carroll said: “For students from all starting points outcomes continue to be very strong reflecting excellent teaching, the hard work of students and the support of the school community and parents.

“Students learn well and make strong progress in their time with us and so it is no surprise that exam results are excellent.

“What continues to be impressive is the consistency of results year after year.

“But we measure our success as a school by much more than exam results – by the quality of students’ experience of school so that they leave us as well rounded individuals ready to take their place in the wider world.”

The Cottesloe School in Wing achieved a score of +0.22 above average.

Cottesloe headteacher Simon Jones said: “Our Progress 8 puts us in the top 17% of the schools in England which is something we are rightly proud of.

“In the previous academic year the figure was -0.16 so that is an increase of over a quarter of a grade.

“Furthermore, 48% of our students achieved a strong pass at Grade 5 or above for maths and English compared with the national average of 43%.”

In third place, Cedars Upper School in Linslade achieved a Progress 8 score of -0.06 against the national average.

The school was formally accepted into the Chiltern Learning Trust last year, to be run as an academy along with three high-performing Luton schools – Denbigh High School , Challney High School for Boys and Challney high School for Girls.

A Chiltern Learning Trust spokesman said: “Cedars Upper School, the Trust’s only 13-18-year-old academy, recorded similar [strong] results with 64% of students achieving a ‘good pass’, and 48% securing a ‘strong pass’ in both English and Maths at GCSE.

“Cedars Upper School also topped the Central Bedfordshire A-Level league table for progress and percentage of students securing the highest AAB grades in rigorous A Level subjects.”

Cedars’ performance at A-Level was +0.14, followed closely by Vandyke at +0.12.