Leighton Buzzard nursery proud to receive 'Good' Ofsted rating

'I am beyond proud of the fantastic work the staff do every day with the children'

By Joanna Gravett
Monday, 31st January 2022, 1:53 pm

A Leighton Buzzard nursery where children are "settled, content and happy" is proud to have received a 'Good' Ofsted rating.

Aristo-Tots, Hockliffe Street, was visited for inspection on December 1, having previously been deemed 'Good' in 2016.

The nursery staff are delighted to once again have received a 'Good' rating in all areas, including: the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, and leadership and management.

Aristo-Tots Nursery School, Leighton Buzzard. Image: Aristo-Tots.

Claire Lewis, nursery manager at the time of inspection, said: "I am beyond proud of the fantastic work the staff do every day with the children, especially during such a testing time period.

"Their knowledge, dedication, and love for the children is evident in the smiling faces of the children. Moving forward, we hope to foster an outstanding environment for the children to flourish in."

The report, published on January 11, states: "Children thrive in calm, warm and welcoming environments. They mirror the behaviour of adults as they are polite, calm, and caring towards each other. Children readily share toys and eagerly help to tidy up after themselves, including the very young babies.

"Children are enthusiastic and concentrate well on activities."

It also praised the nursery's efforts over the past two years, adding: "Staff are sensitive to potential issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"For example, during each lockdown they kept in touch with their families and children to support their wellbeing, and continue to do so. Good security systems are in place and staff explain these to children, to ensure they feel safe."

The report detailed several positive factors, noting that children show "a love for books and reading", "great care and concern for others" - including their nursery pets - and that the youngsters "physical skills are supported well".

It added: "Children have many opportunities to learn about other cultures and beliefs. A day in the month is chosen to celebrate a culture and children learn about this and enjoy cultural food on the day.

"They also make their own family books that are placed in the reading area, allowing children to share this with their peers."

Additionally, the report noted that partnerships with parents are "good" and that leaders and managers "thoughtfully consider staff training needs".

To improve, the inspectors suggested that the nursery should "consider how to further develop children's ability to think critically", and "enhance learning opportunities to support children's language development, including those who may have additional needs".