Eight-year-old's reward for 'wonderful' letter praising NHS is VIP tour of Leighton Buzzard's vaccination centre

An eight-year-old schoolgirl had an experience to remember when she was given a special tour of Leighton Buzzard's Covid-19 vaccination centre.

Monday, 1st March 2021, 5:16 pm
Updated Monday, 1st March 2021, 5:17 pm

Leighton Buzzard Primary Care Network staff operating out of the town's rugby club hosted Emily Brodie and her family as a thank you for her "wonderful" letter sent to the LBO which praised all of the staff and volunteers who are working to protect the community.

LBPCN operations manager, Stephen King, showed the family the facilities at the centre and presented Emily with some gifts, while rugby club life president Mark Hardy and club chairman Lee Beaumont also handed club shirts to the Southcott Lower pupil and her little sister Alannah.

Mum Sarah [who along with husband Paul are both key workers in education] said the experience was something Emily would "remember forever" and praised the "incredible" job being performed.

Emily Brodie's visit to the vaccination centre

She said: "It brought home once again the tremendous work that is going on to roll out the vaccination programme efficiently and safely. To us all this vaccine is a lifeline and we are grateful to all the volunteers, to Stephen and the rugby club for supporting and implementing this incredible endeavour.

"We were very touched by the efforts that everyone made to show Emily around and she was presented with many gifts which I know will be cherished. So to quote my daughters words 'you are brilliant, thank you for saving our lives!'"

Sarah explained: "Emily had been asked as a school task to write a letter to say thank you for something/someone she was grateful for and she thought the incredible job the NHS keyworkers have been doing deserved a thank you!

"She had previously clapped weekly for the NHS/ drawn rainbows for the windows etc and her grandparents are retired NHS workers and aunty and uncle are a physio and a hospital doctor.

Emily Brodie's visit to the vaccination centre

“I am so incredibly proud of Emily. Her letter brought a tear to my eye when I first read it especially as it was written by a child so young.

"Our NHS staff are our country's heroes and I know Emily’s words will resonate with so many people whose lives have been touched by all those who work tirelessly and through traumatic circumstances, to help others.

"We are all so deeply grateful for the sacrifices that are being made by so many people at the moment. There is something so genuine and precious about a child’s words and I felt that if I could share Emily’s words with some of our local NHS workers it might be a ray of sunshine in someone’s day and make a difference."

Emily added: “I wrote the letter because my teacher Miss Hall asked us to write a letter about who we are thankful for and I wrote it about the NHS because they are working really hard and sacrificing their lives. I really enjoyed being at vaccination centre. I learnt lots of things about the vaccine and I learnt that you have to shake the vaccine bottle carefully and don’t make bubbles. I really really liked the presents I got too!”

Emily Brodie's visit to the vaccination centre

Southcott head Sarah Laundy praised her for the letter and gave her a headteacher's commendation for the beautiful words that she had written.

The letter sent to the LBO reads:

Dear NHS,

My name is Emily Brodie. I really appreciate how hard you are working during this horrific time.

Emily Brodie's visit to the vaccination centre

You are working so hard and thinking about others rather than yourself. I know how hard this is for you, but what do you do? You keep going! Do you know how many lives you have saved and how much they appreciate you?

One little thing makes a big difference so keep going no matter how hard Covid-19 pushes you. Covid-19 is not strong enough to beat you, keep going!

I bet if 100 people entered the hospital you could SMASH and KILL that nasty Covid-19 within 20 days because of your strength and bravery .

YOU ARE BRILLIANT! Never let anyone hold you down .

We all thank you for saving our lives, we all thank you so much. We all appreciate you!

Emily Brodie, age 8

Southcott Lower School

The vaccination centre - a jointly run service by all three general practices (Bassett Road Surgery, Leighton Road Surgery and Salisbury House Surgery) - launched on January 14 and has been making excellent progress in protecting residents as it works its way down the priority groups.

On Thursday (February 25) it broke through the milestone of delivering 10,000 vaccinations. More here...