Former top NHS doctor from Linslade struck off after spying on girl in shower

A Linslade doctor convicted of spying on a girl as she showered has been struck off by the General Medical Council.

Dr Jonathan Fielden, 56, was given a five month suspended sentence and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) on June 3 last year at Luton Crown Court, after he pleaded guilty to briefly spying on the girl through a hole in ceiling as she showered.

Dr Fielden

Dr Fielden

As head of specialised commissioning at NHS England as well as its deputy medical director, Fielden was one of the UK's top doctors on a salary of £224,999.

The LBO previously reported (here) how the doctor claimed "a confluence of pressures" had led to his fall from grace.

Last month, a medical practitioners' tribunal judged that Fielden's fitness to practice was impaired and his named was erased from the Medical Register.

In its findings, the tribunal panel stated: "Dr Fielden’s conduct in engaging in an act of voyeurism against a child was conduct that fell far below the standards expected of a practitioner.

"Such behaviour would undoubtedly undermine the public’s trust in the medical profession.

"The tribunal noted that Dr Fielden is currently still subject to a suspended sentence of imprisonment and will be on the Sex Offenders Register list for 7 years. The tribunal also noted that he is subject to a SHPO for an indefinite period as the court considered that he presented a risk to the public.

"Failing to make a finding of impairment in such circumstances would be an abrogation of the tribunal’s duty to protect to the public and the wider public interest.

"The conviction in this case is of such a serious nature that, for all the reasons set out above, the tribunal has concluded that erasure is the only proportionate sanction to promote and maintain public confidence in the medical profession, and to uphold proper professional standards and conduct for members of the profession.

"The Tribunal therefore directs that Dr Fielden’s name be erased from the Medical Register."

The LBO understands the Fielden now works in research since his departure from medicine. He has 28 days in which to launch an appeal.