It’s Open House week at WW Leighton Buzzard to encourage weight loss in time for summer

Steve Perry who shed half his body weight with help of WW Astral Park coach Alison Johnson
Steve Perry who shed half his body weight with help of WW Astral Park coach Alison Johnson

WW Workshops in Leighton Buzzard will be opening their doors to non-members and members alike next week (May 12-18).

The WW Open House week will give everyone a chance to experience all things WW, hear from successful members and be inspired to kickstart with their own weight loss journey in time for summer.

WW (the new Weight Watchers) coaches will be showcasing how easy it is to build healthy habits for life, by joining for a free Workshop this week only. Whether it’s time to get active, lose weight, make healthier food choices or develop a healthier mindset, the local WW Wellness Coach will be welcoming everyone in Leighton Buzzard to discover how they can develop the skills and techniques required to build a positive relationship between food, mind and body — for the long term.

Leighton Buzzard Coach Alison Johnson said: “Unlike fad diets and quick fixes, WW is a liveable programme, which means that life doesn’t have to stop while you lose weight. It provides a flexible and balanced approach to leading a healthier, happier lifestyle, while working towards your individual wellness goals.

“In 2018 alone, residents in Leighton Buzzard have seen a positive impact on their mindset, marking the beginning of their new healthy lifestyle. I’m looking forward to welcoming new members to the WW Workshop and helping them achieve the healthy, mindful lifestyle they’ve been searching for.”

Astral Park meeting member, Katy Shorten, added: “Having the support of my coach Alison Johnson throughout my new journey has been the key to my success.

“I have achieved 25lbs weight loss and I am now running too! She is an inspiration and has helped us to feel happier within ourselves, while living a healthy lifestyle.

“The online tools, including 24/7 expert chat, as well as the mobile app with barcode scanner and food and exercise tracker have also provided round the clock support. SmartPoints is easy to follow and so flexible. I still get to enjoy the food I love, even when out and about, and still lose weight.”

The workshops are: Monday 10am, Trinity Methodist Church; Monday 6pm, Greenfields, Theedway; Wednesday 5.30pm & 6.45pm, Astral Park and Sports Centre, Johnson Drive; Thursday 9.30am, Astral Park and Sports Centre, Johnson Drive; Thursday 5.30pm, Brooklands Residents Association; Thursday 6.30pm, Greenleas Lower School, Linslade; Saturday 9.30am, Mentmore Road, Linslade.

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