Magic! Will Smith signature helps Heath and Reach mum raise awareness for cancer charity

Meeting Will Smith.
Meeting Will Smith.

A Heath and Reach mum known for her marathon challenges is hoping a star studded meeting with Will Smith can help raise awareness about cancer research.

Suzie Trew Foster, 42, has taken part in many Walk The Walk (WTW) events for breast cancer charities, and took her special WTW pink bra tshirt to the premiere of Aladdin in Leicester Square recently.

Mena and Suzie.

Mena and Suzie.

Her friend Hazel Markland had been lucky enough to win tickets to the red - or should we say ‘magic’ carpet event, and Suzie couldn’t believe it when Will (Genie), Mena Massoud (Aladdin) and Naomi Scott (Princess Jasmine) signed her charity tshirt.

Walk the Walk organise sponsored runs or walks for breast cancer charities and community projects across the UK, and Suzie hopes her meeting with Will can boost awareness about its many events.

She said: “It was not an experience I have ever been to before. Hazel is just amazing - she knows how to enter competitions!

“Will got out the car and went right down to the other end of the carpet, but he’d been through every person on the front of the railings, talked to them or signed something. He’s a lovely man.

Hazel and Suzie with Will Smith.

Hazel and Suzie with Will Smith.

“I asked: ‘Can you sign my top?’ and I remember telling him ‘You’re a star’.

“I’m quite a sentimental person, so I’m deciding whether to keep it, auction it, or give it to Walk The Walk.”

After the magic carpet meeting, Suzie and Hazel were able to sit in the front row of the Odeon and watch the actors and director Guy Richie as they came on stage for an introduction.

They then got to sit back, relax and watch the premiere, while they were also entertained by an organ player who was akin to a music hall musician from days gone by.

Who could be hiding in the lamp?

Who could be hiding in the lamp?

Hazel said: “The next day we were invited back to have our photos taken by the lamp. But then it started talking and making funny noises.

“I thought that’s not a recording - Will Smith was hiding in the lamp to surprise his fans!

“We couldn’t believe that we got to see him again.”

She added: “Suzie is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet and I think everyone knows somebody who has been touched by breast cancer.

A selfie with Mena.

A selfie with Mena.

“It was funny when Suzie asked Mena to sign the pink bra [design] on her tshirt. He said ‘oh no, I can’t sign there, can I sign a sleeve?’ But when we explained what it was - WTW - he was fine with it.”

This year, the challenges that Suzie has so far completed for WTW include: the Big Half (London), the Brighton Marathon, the Isle of Wight 106km walk, the London Moonwalk and the Edinburgh Double Moonwalk: Over the Moon - 52.4miles.

Although they are not a race, in all three walks Suzie finished first, and she beat her 2018 time in the Big Half, and gained a personal best in the Brighton Marathon. She also completed the Double Moonwalk just four weeks after the London Moonwalk.

Her next challenges are the Nijmegen Marches from July 15-20, which involve walking 40km per day over four days with a team of Dutch military soldiers, as well as the Great North Run on September 8 (13.1 miles).

Suzie said: “To date I have raised nearly £11,000 for and completed over 1000 miles for WTW.

“I would definitely recommend taking on a challenge. We all know someone who has battled breast cancer or people who have lost someone.

“It also keeps up your physical fitness and you develop a whole massive family - your ‘Walk The Walk family’.

“You all stay in touch, and I know the staff on first name terms. It’s a lovely charity - a great cause.”

Suzie says she doesn’t have a favourite challenge as each one is different - from the beauty of the Isle of Wight to the bizarreness of completing the WTW Iceland challenge at midnight, but while there’s still daylight!

Meanwhile, the promise of beer and chips will keep her going through the Netherlands Nijmegen marches, and after she flys back she will be heading straight to her next charity challenge - a gin and cheese festival at the Axe and Compass, Heath and Reach.

The event will be on July 20 from midday until midnight to raise funds for Walk The Walk.

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