Another first for Woburn Safari Park as quick-thinking keeper saves the day in dramatic alpaca baby birth

The new arrival at Woburn
The new arrival at Woburn

Delighted keepers at Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire have announced the arrival of their first ‘cria’ – a baby alpaca, this week.

Born to female alpaca Lacquer, little Taco was delivered in the new Alpaca Outpost enclosure. It is hoped Taco will be the first of several babies to arrive, with more of the herd’s

females being pregnant and expecting to deliver soon.

The birth took a dramatic turn when keepers had to step in to help as they could see the mother was struggling. The team was concerned about the position of the baby and keeper Tom Robson soon found out that Taco had one leg facing backwards. With swift help from Tom, Taco arrived without a problem and is now enjoying time bonding with his mum, who is also doing well.

Tom Robson, Deputy Team Leader, Reserves said: “The team is really excited as it’s the first alpaca to be born at the Park and both Taco and mum are doing really well. At the moment he looks like a cross between a giraffe and a sheep and his bright white fur makes him really stand out from the herd.”

Visitors can meet the herd at Woburn Safari Park’s Alpaca Outpost which is accessed via a ride on the Great Woburn Railway, which departs at intervals throughout the day.