Leighton Buzzard author and Lady Leah of Lygeton - the female knight who defies conventions!

As International Women’s Day approaches (March 8), a Leighton Buzzard author is introducing readers to a brave female knight who defies conventions.

Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 3:00 pm
Left: Lady Leah of Lygeton. Right: Christie.

Talented writer and musician Christie Moore has penned ‘Lady Leah of Lygeton’, which tells the story of a female warrior who was taught how to fight by her late father.

The determined heroine must fend for herself in medieval times without a father, husband or brother, and see off opponents who want her castle and lands.

Published by Pegasus.

But while Lady Leah has the steel and the steed to stand her ground, does she have the support of her sovereign in a man’s world?

Christie said: “I originally had an idea for a medieval lady knight back in 2007 when I saw a woman knight fighting at a re-enactment in Chiltern Open Air Museum, but the story came about later when I placed my friend and I in medieval times.

“It was only later I realised I had written a story based on the band we play in, but swapping guitars for swords!

“Lady Leah is banished for five years from England, travelling and learning before returning to England, somewhat like myself and my friend when we both went to college and travelled the world.

Christie performing at Twyfest in 2015.

“But Lady Leah is also a metaphor for the struggle women have faced over the years in that they have not been allowed to do jobs traditionally done by men until the First World War. There is no feminine word in English for a knight and this is discussed in the story.”

She added: “Lady Leah is an inspiration I think because she does what she wants despite conventions.

“Life always throws things at us all, but Lady Leah fights through them, and even if that goal isn’t attained then it’s the trying that’s important.

“But still don’t give up, because there will always be new goals to attain.”

Lady Leah of Lygeton is published by Pegasus and available from Amazon and other websites.