Passenger questions train station ticket set up

Leighton Buzzard Train Station
Leighton Buzzard Train Station

Questions have been raised about the payment options available at Leighton Buzzard train station by a commuter.

Ben Raza was disappointed to see that the station only had one ticket machine and it only accepts card.

He said: “I think the set up at the station is short sighted, they have not thought about all the different train users.

“The ticket office closes early on Sundays, and the ticket machine does not accept cash.

“This means it is only available to people who use card as it does not accept cash. Some people may not want to use card for various reasons.

“Also the screen for the pin pad is hard to read, particularly for older people who may not be used to technology, they may find the machine and pin pad hard to use.

“If the machine is ever broken people are unable to purchase tickets to travel.”

He has suggested that London Midland should have a permit to travel machine at the station, if the machine is broken or they only have cash, they can still use the train.

Francis Thomas, of London Midland communications team, said: “Ticket office opening hours are based on the level of usage.

“In an ideal world we would happily have ticket machines that accept cash and cards.

“Sadly the trend is towards card only machines. This is because cash machines are often targeted by thieves.

“These machines are not cheap to install and any damage means passengers suffer because they cannot access tickets while repairs are being made.”

Mr Raza added: “Leighton Buzzard is such a busy commuter town for people using the station to travel to work or days out.

“The station and train provides a great service for the town but it seems a shame that people who do not use card or are unable to use the machine are unable to travel.”