Pictures from the past: October 8, 1963

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There was a moment of great drama at the Great Train Robbery case at Aylesbury when David Whitby, the young fireman on the train, said he had seen the face of one of the raiders.

The LBO reported on October 8, 1963, that the atmosphere was tense as he walked round the courtroom but was unable to identify the man.

Mr Whitby said he saw the face of the man who beckoned to him after he had left the halted train at Sear’s Crossing to telephone Leighton signal box on August 8 only to find the telephone wires cut.

The man, who was dressed in railway-type clothing, then pushed him down the embarkment where he was held with two other men.

Mr Whitby was taken to the cab and put in the engine room passage while the train was driven onto Bridego Bridge.

He and the driver, Jack Mills, were handcuffed together and told to get down and shut their eyes. They were then led to the back of the train and told to lie on the grass. Mr Mills, who was struck on the head from behind, told the court that the man guarding them said: “I’ll get your address when it’s all over and send you a few quid.”

> Pictured: The amusing background for the “hot dog” stall at Linslade Fireworks Gala was provided by the not so hot dogs.

Hard at work on the stall are Bernard King, Colin Pugh and Ray Page.