Review: An Evening of Mediumship with psychic Tony Stockwell

I’M a believer when it comes to clairvoyants and psychics.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 17th November 2011, 2:00 pm

I find it interesting and sometimes terribly moving going along to mediumship events, as for many people it is with mixed feelings that they receive messages.

I have many positives to report from An Evening of Mediumship with psychic Tony Stockwell on Friday night at Dunstable’s Grove Theatre.

It was impressive to see him describe one lady’s father-in-law so accurately that it brought a tear to her eye, and tell another woman not to harbour any guilt over her mother’s death – something she had carried with her for too long, it seemed.

And not only did he give accurate and interesting messages to the receptive audience, but he kept even the saddest moments lighthearted with some carefully timed humour.

For those who received messages, it must have been a real comfort, and a joy to know their loved ones were still watching them and rooting for them from the spirit world.

Personally, I didn’t receive any visits from my deceased relatives who I hoped would show up, but I didn’t really mind, as I feel some people were maybe more in need of the contact than me.

My main gripe was that the messages from the spirit world were few.

Only around eight or 10 members of the audience were lucky enough to get a mention – but I think this could have been improved if Tony had not spent so long working with each person.

Each message lasted around 15 minutes. I think if each message lasted just five or 10 minutes there would be more happy customers after the show.

For although it is interesting to watch other people work with Tony, you are really fidgeting in your seat and hoping you might be next.

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