‘116 new homes mean Theedway traffic will get worse’

Parked cars along Theedway
Parked cars along Theedway

A Leighton Buzzard resident claims he is concerned that a new development will increase “parking problems” on Theedway.

James Booth, 32, is questioning Central Bedfordshire Council’s (CBC) recent decision to approve a reserved matters application from Persimmon Homes to build 116 homes on land south of Theedway and west of Billington Road.

Indeed, James believes the new houses and flats will make traffic problems worse.

He claimed: “The parking and traffic situation is an absolute nightmare. People park on the grass verges and high kerbs down Theedway - on both sides of the road.

“Now there will be another 240 odd new cars - I am surprised the application was approved.

“I think each house will have space for two cars but the traffic is going to get worse with even more vehicles.

“There’s very little room to manoeuvre along Theedway and it wouldn’t be half as bad if they had planned the entrance to the new site to be from Billington Road!”

He also noted that despite CBC receiving 23 responses against the application, it was not put before committee.

Jason Longhurst, director of regeneration at Central Bedfordshire Council, said: “The principle of this development has been established since the planning inspector gave it permission on appeal in 2006, whereas the Reserved Matters, submitted by the developer last year, looked at the details of the layout and met the requirements for residential and visitor parking set out in the Central Bedfordshire Design Guide.

“This guide sets a minimum of two spaces for two-bedroomed properties; this increases for larger homes.

“The Reserved Matters application did not go before committee because, as is consistent with the council’s constitution, there were no objections from the town council, nor did local ward members call it in.”