400 households asked to stop another Adams Bottom faeces problem


Four hundred homes in Leighton Buzzard have been sent letters aimed at preventing a repeat of the sewer blockage which left Adams Bottom submerged in faeces.

Wipes, nappies and left over cooking fats were the cause of a problem which left the park covered in filth. March’s incident saw Anglian Water clear the blockage and then its engineers cleaned up the site.

Rachel Dyson, who manages the Anglian Water’s Keep It Clear campaign, said: “This flooding was caused by a large volume of wipes and fat blocking part of the sewerage network.

“We are writing to all local residents to advise what we can all do to help prevent these ‘avoidable’ incidents and the misery and inconvenience they cause.

“Many residents are unaware that one of the biggest causes of sewer pipe and pump blockages are wipes, sanitary waste and other household material flushed down toilets and drains.

“Even the products marked ‘flushable’ do not break down in the sewer like toilet paper. These items often stick to used cooking oil, fats and grease that are poured down sinks and toilets which then build up over time to block sewer pipes and pumps, stopping them from working.

“When these blockages happen, sewage can back up into homes and streets or cause pollution in local rivers and waterways.

“Pumping stations and sewer pipes play a vital role in pumping sewage and used water away from our homes and businesses to be safely treated at Water Recycling Centres.

“Unblocking sewer pipes and repairing or replacing pumps blocked with wipes, fat and other household waste can add considerable expense to everyone’s water bill too – expense that could be avoided.

As well as the letter, residents have also been sent a leaflet showing simple steps to avoid blockages.

For more information and tips visit http://keep-it-clear.co.uk