Accident blackspot ‘needs an urgent fix’

Leighton Road, Stoke Hammond accident blackspot
Leighton Road, Stoke Hammond accident blackspot

A motorist has urged Bucks County Council to take action after coming across two cars which had crashed into a ditch due to icy conditions.

While driving along Leighton Road from Stoke Hammond on Friday morning, Martin Shenton spotted two badly damaged cars by the roadside.

Having been involved in a collision in similar conditions on Leighton Road last year, Mr Shenton has called on Bucks County Council to look at measures to make the road safer.

He told the LBO: “It has been an accident blackspot there for years.

“Last February as my car was stationary a bloke lost control and went into me.

“At the time I spoke to BCC but their attitude was that the road was gritted and what happened was tough luck.

“This time it was the same, it was gritted the night before but within five minutes I saw two cars off the road.

“Whatever they are doing is not working.”

Mr Shenton added: “It seems that unless something really serious happens there they will not do anything about it.

“Things need to change, I’m really fed up with it.”

According to Transport for Buckinghamshire, four incidents resulting in a casualty or serious injury have occurred along Leighton Road in the last five years.

A spokespman told the LBO: “The network of precautionary gritting routes is always treated when the forecast for road surface temperatures indicates that they will drop below zero.

“This was the case on Friday 15 January when the roads in Buckinghamshire were treated, including Leighton Road, Stoke Hammond.”

He added: “Following incidents on Friday on Leighton Road, signs were put out at this location to further warn drivers of potential slippery road conditions.

“Routes were again treated on Friday evening, in line with the latest forecast data.”