An ice way to meet Father Christmas at St Leonard’s school!

Suzie and the igloo
Suzie and the igloo

Pupils at St Leonard’s Lower School were treated to giant Santa’s Grotto, courtesy of one determined PTA mum.

Suzie Trew Foster, 40, of Heath Green, made a giant igloo from kindly donated milk cartons, making sure it was big enough to fit Father Christmas inside.

It took two attempts to make the impressive igloo for the Heath and Reach school, and Suzie had help from fellow PTA mums, Laura Smith and Kate Morton, constructing the grotto in her garage.

Suzie said: “Last year we were working with a few blankets to make a grotto in a couple of hours, so this time I looked on Pinterest and found an igloo design.

“Parents, family and friends donated about 500 cartons. I made it in the garage and I had help from Move It removal firm to transport it. We had to hold it upright in the van!”

Suzie made the igloo in two vertical halves, after the first attempt (two horizontal halves) collapsed, and layered the cartons to create a brickwork effect using a glue gun.

Suzie said: “My twins Jack and Emily, eight, loved it ! We’ve thrown it away now though, otherwise some of the cartons would get too smelly!”

The Christmas school fair was held on Saturday, December 3, and Suzie managed to get a photo of her children, dogs and guinea-pig in the grotto!