Anxious New Year after child centre closure in Leighton Buzzard

Linslade Child Care
Linslade Child Care

Staff and parents at a much-loved childcare centre in Linslade have been left in limbo following the service’s abrupt closure before Christmas.

Linslade Child Care on Leopold Road closed with little warning on December 22 and parents have been left scrambling to find urgent childcare.

Although Central Bedfordshire Council served a condmenation notice on the aged building for July 2018, it remains unknown why owner Zoe Yarker decided to close the business so suddenly.

At the time of writing, staff were nervously awaiting updates on whether they would be paid at the end of the month.

Parent Lisa Fletcher said: “I’m still in the same position, trying to find somewhere to take care of my son in the New Year.

“I’m back at work soon so it is worrying and it’s not the easiest time of year to find somewhere.”

While anxious parents have been left in limbo, Bluebell Childcare on New Road have held meetings with them to see what options they can offer in the interim.

Proposals have included extend their opening hours with earlier starts, as well as lowering the admission age to 18months.

It has also been proposed to extend the hours for the younger children in the after-school club, enabling them to attend full days and potentially offer full cover during the holidays.

Bluebell executive Emma Lenander emailed the parents: “We need to look at staffing ... but these seem to be the most important changes we can make quickly that would help the most people.”