Are these schoolgirls the youngest charity champions?

MINI FUNDRAISERS: Imogen Smith (left) and Matilda Legh Green PNL-180702-152920001
MINI FUNDRAISERS: Imogen Smith (left) and Matilda Legh Green PNL-180702-152920001

Seven-year-old Matilda Legh Green and her best friend Imogen Smith, also seven, decided to raise money for the homeless after being asked to write a Christmas poem at school.

Matilda explains: “We thought it must be so sad for the poor people who are homeless in winter at Christmas and we decided to do a stall to sell cakes.”

The Year 3 pupils at High Ash school in Great Brickhill hoped they could make at least £50 to help The Bus Shelter MK, a charity which offers a warm safe place to sleep every day of the year.

In the event the kindhearted kids raised a whopping £314.21 – with a little help in the kitchen and on Twitter from Matilda’s mum, BBC 3CR Sunday Breakfast Show presenter Helen Legh.

Helen –who grew up in Leighton and went to Vandyke Upper – says: “ Luckily the Labour Party were canvassing in the area and they retweeted my Tweet.”

She also baked chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread stars for the stall the dynamic duo set up on the front drive.

Matilda admits she and Imogen ‘sampled’ some of the goodies on offer, before starting work in earnest at 10.30am, selling to family, friends and passers-by.

Imogen says: “It was good fun and we were really glad we did it.”

In fact it was so successful that the young charity champions are determined to make it a regular commitment.

They have two future beneficiaries in mind – The Henry Allen Trust and Brain Tumour Research – and have already decided on improvements to their original plan.

Mini entrepreneur Matilda says: “We’re going to make a big poster and maybe serve lemonade as well. We might also have a dog bowl with water and treats.”

And she believes it’s good to get into the habit of giving: “Then if you’re poor, other people might want to help you.”

The Bus Shelter MK chair Pam Williams said: “We were overwhelmed by the kindness and compassion of these two little charity champions.

“They money they raised will be put to good use, helping our project provide shelter and support to rough sleepers.”

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