Arriva responds to Leighton Buzzard bus stop complaints

Neil's wife inspects the mystery post.
Neil's wife inspects the mystery post.

Leighton Buzzard residents claim they were being driven up the wall by several mystery bus stops that didn’t have any services running past them.

Highfield Road, Russell Way, and Crossway have five new bus stops between them, but commuters got in touch with the LBO when they were first erected in April to say that no bus services stopped at them.

The only service that did go past them was the no.34/5 - on the opposite of the road - while there were no bus numbers displayed on the posts.

Resident, Neil Cairns, claimed: “You could have been waiting there for an enternity!

“We also asked some bus drivers but they just told us, ‘We go where they [Arriva] tell us’. A bit of a mess I think!”

To add to their confusion, at the beginning of April, the no.32/33 that served the east of the town was cancelled and re-directed to run out to Tilsworth, as the village had recently lost its no. 70 bus.

The no.32 now starts in the High Street, runs down Hockliffe Road, Brooklands Drive, Brooklands Avenue and Stanbridge Road out to Tilsworth and back, once evey hour.

Neil added: “It used to run around the Brooklands estate including Highfield Road and Russell Way (hail-a-ride)every 30 minutes, but then it stopped. Residents were very confused - no-one was told!”

However, a Central Bedfordshire Council spokeswoman, said: “The No.32 service is still scheduled to operate via the Highfield Road, Russell Way and Clipstone Crescent areas in both directions, but it appears Arriva may have unfortunately been operating the amended route incorrectly, missing them.

“We have taken the matter up with Arriva to ensure that the service operates correctly.

“The new bus stops have been installed in Highfield Road and Russell Way to reflect this change.”

And it seems that the No.32 has now made it to the mystery stops. On Thursday, Neil said: “A 32 went up Highfield Road/Russell Way today at 2.30pm.”

An Arriva spokesman said: “On March 12 our route 32 was extended to Tilsworth in order to provide service to those residents to Leighton Buzzard High Street.

“The original line of route was maintained, including Highfield Road and Russell Way, and should be served by all journeys in both directions.

“We appreciate our customers taking the time to feedback to us if they have experienced any difficulties since these changes were implemented, and will of course work to ensure that the route operates effectively to the revised timetable in future.”