Art exhibition is twice as good

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There was a bumper number of visitors to the Leighton Buzzard Art Exhibition this year.

The exhibition was held at Leighton Middle School on October 27-28 and the visitors included the mayor, Cllr Syed Rahman, and deputy mayor, Cllr Clive Palmer.

Twice as many people visited compared to last year and twice as many pictures were sold.

The favourite picture was once again by professional artist John Wilkinson with his “Victoria plums”. People said they felt they could almost pick them out of the painting and eat them.

Linda Holbrook was the most successful at selling work, with three of her pictures sold.

The exhibition was only possible with the help of a gang of willing helpers including Dennis Broyd, Charles Taylor, Chris Pearce, Jim Hetterley, Mike Kimpton, John Wilkinson, Linda Holbrook, Neil Freeman, Debbie Lucas Weare and Pam Newton.

The town council and Astral Park kindly loaned sets of screens to display the work.

Leighton Buzzard Art Society meets on the third Thursday of each month for a demonstration by a professional artist at the community centre in Duncombe Drive.

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