Astonished audience watches on as Linslade schoolboy recites 1,201 digits of Pi

Jack Fletcher
Jack Fletcher

A Cedars Upper School pupil proved that he was a master of memory skills when he recited 1,201 digits of Pi in front of an astonished audience.

Jack Fletcher, 15, smashed the previous Cedars record lastThursday, March 14, aka ‘03/14’ - Pi day!

Each year the school has been celebrating this day by holding activities and challenges organised by student leaders, and Jack couldn’t wait to have a slice of the action.

He said: “I was actually quite nervous the night before, but when my teacher told me that the previous record was 314, less than what I canremember, I thought, ‘Ican do this!’ I recall it by some sort of music, a rhythm, and say it in 5s. At the start I don’t need to, but once I’m into the 100s I begin using this technique.”

Jack, who favours maths and statistics, had set himself the challenge last year and had remembered 1,200 digits, but took a break to focus on his studies.

However, once Pi day was announced he set about preparing himself for the recital, easily remembering the first 500 digits and then relearning the other 700 decimal points in just a few days!

Jack’s mum, Katrina Fletcher, said: “I think we were astounded and obviously very proud. It’s a lovely achievement for Jack and he can be proud of himself.

“His sister, Sarah-Jane, entered a competition at Linslade Middle School two years ago and remembered 55. They must have an aptitude.”

Steve Palmer, headteacher, said: “Jack Fletcher’s record is an unbelievable achievement.

“Fellow students and members of staff were staggered as they witnessed this and Jack has received many plaudits for his incredible memory.”

Jack also used Maths books and Alexa to help him remember PI, repeating the words in time with his virtual assistant.

According to international news reports, the world record holder is Suresh Kumar Sharma, of India. In October 2015, age 21, he recited 70,030 numbers in 17 hours.

Could you remember as many digits as Jack? Here is the number he read out:













71010 00313783875288658753320838142061717766914730359825349042875546873


16420198938095257201 06548586327886593615338182796823030195203530185296

8995773622599413891249721775 283479131515574857242454150695950829533116