Awards reward Vandyke students’ hard work

Vandyke Year 11 awards
Vandyke Year 11 awards

Two oversubscribed sessions were needed in the Vandyke Upper School theatre to celebrate the huge number of Year 11 Award winners this year.

Both celebrations were extremely busy and enjoyed by students, parents, staff and governors alike.

The evening recognised the achievements, success, and progress made by so many students through Year 11. Overall achievement awards were presented to all students, and specific curriculum awards given to select students.

The evening was opened by an address by headteacher Tim Carroll, who not only spoke about his own pride in the students achievements, but how the lead inspector on the recent Ofsted inspection made a point of remarking on how the students at Vandyke not only take pride in their work, but are extremely proud to be a part of the school.

The evening was hosted by Head of Year 11, Yvette Mileham. She said: “I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a great year group, and will be sad but also proud to see them move on to pastures new.”

This year the audience was treated to six outstanding performances, each receiving its well-deserved ovation.

They were:

Music: ‘Summer Sadness’ by Lana Del Rey. Performed by Alex Hewett, Niamh Jones, Fionn Kirk, and Catherine Purkiss.

Dance: ‘The Last of Us’ by Moonspell. Performed by Eleanor Drosihn and Paige Pollard.

Music: ‘Who You Are’ by Jessie J. Performed by Safi Rudder and Anna Wright.

Drama: ‘Find Me’ by Olwen Wymark.

GCSE Drama recital performed by Eleanor Drosihn, Michelle Machekera and Paige Pollard.

Dance: ‘My Faith’ by Tailor, performed by Michelle Machekera.

Music: ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran, performed by Kate Stiles

Mr Skelton, Director of Year 11, closed the evening, saying: “The fantastic performances and work on evidence this evening is just a small snapshot of what we, as teachers have to work with on a daily basis. These students really are a credit to themselves and are a pleasure to work with.”

Awards in full:

Art Awards: Daisy Dowsing, Catherine Purkiss, Kyle Battams, Alex Hewett, James Eve.

Business Studies Awards: Tilly Rolt, Tinashe Shumbambiri, Samantha Davies, Ben West, Niamh Jones, Freddie Thornton.

Catering Awards: Alexander Aldous-Ball, Katie Austin, Ashleigh Hennessey-Kemp, Bailey Knights, Ben West, Will Hoy, Laura McGuire, James Buckman.

Child Development Awards: Fabienne Batten, Siobhan Black, Chelsea Clarke, Antonia D’Agostino, Frankie Dimmock, Chloe Garven, Lily Mead, Patrice Richards, Tilly Rolt, Ria Stanford, Molly Brunton, Grace Burnage, Molly Digby, Molly Fitzgibbon, Dan-ielle Fortune, Jaynie Goodyear, Maia Johnson, Abigail Luby, Pippa Mercer, Arianna Tudisco.

Community Awards Contribution to Student Voice. Jack Pakes, Lucy Preston, Savannah Sheppard

Duke Of Edinburgh Awards: Bronze - Jack Mclean, Jemma Siddle, Molly Brunton, Matthew Francis, Rosie McDiarmid, Torem Ozturk. Silver - Georgie Payne, Lucy Preston, Lili Chandler, Molly Fitzgibbon, Cameron Rueppel.

Computing/ICT Awards: Ross Day, Jack Lindsay, Joshua Duffy, Zoe Bisby, Jemma Siddle, Oliver Chambers, Jordan Philip, Jai Vaja, Lucy Kelly.

Design and Technology Awards: Poppy Barrett, Owen Cavender, Daisy Dowsing, Jemma Siddle, Ria Stanford, Matthew Francis, Rebekah Mitchell, Jay Parish.

The Thomas Telford Award for Effort: Jay Denniston.

The Clarice Cliff Award for highest mark: Megan Reeve.

The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Award: Joel Parish.

The William Morris Award for effort: Rosie McDiarmid.

English Awards: Amelia Enright, Marcus Dewberry, Tinashe Shumbambiri, Kai Anderson, Patrice Richards, Sean Hull.

Geography Awards: Alexander Aldous-Ball, Phoebe Damopoulos, Wesley Moore, Tia Huntington, Rachel Mancinelli, Claudia Head, Tess Bettle, Sean Hull, Laura Samet, Beth Hill

History Awards: Zoe Bisby, Craig Stephen, Liam Barker, Michelle Machekera, Lucy Kelly, Rosa Mcleod, Olivia Burnage, Freddie Thornton.

Language Awards: French - Irina Ardenleanu, Ross Day, Megan Reeve, Stephanie Beaney, Oliver Chambers, Harry Cropper, Lucy Kelly, Kyle Battams. German - Zoe Bisby, Georgia Demopoulou, Torem Ozturk, Cameron Rueppel.

Maths Awards: Ross Day, Poppy Barrett, Ashleigh Hennessey-Kemp, Jaynie Goodyear, Harriet Gray, Jonah Gutteridge, Rebekah Mitchell, Arianna Tudisco.

Performing Arts: Dance Awards - Jamie-Lee Marshall-Stringer, Michelle Machekera, Rachel Mancinelli, Stephanie Beaney, Eleanor Drosihn, Heather Macpherson, Paige Pollard. Drama Awards - Michelle Machekera, Paige Pollard, Katie Austin, Frankie Dimmock, Amy Godman, Lea Goodyear, Catherine Purkiss, Kyle Battams, Chelsea Clarke, Bethany Foster, Tia Hunting-ton, Ellie Mackrell, Christianna Mount-Stevens, Jack Pakes, Adam Piwowarek, Patrice Richards, Lee Stevenson, Anna Wright, Stephanie Beaney, Eleanor Drosihn, Sophie Herbert, Heather Macpherson, Chloe Norman, Laura Samet, Alexandra Hewett, Fionn Kirk, Kate Stiles, Molly Brunton, Molly Digby, James Eve, Ben Kelman, Matthew Mahoney, Pippa Mercer, Joshua Pinsent.

Music Awards: Anna Wright, Catherine Purkiss, Michelle Machekera, Safi Rudder, Niamh Jones.

Progress Awards: Marcus Dewberry, Simone Gower, Harry Holmes, Ellis Ritchie.

Science Awards: Chelsea Clarke, Georgia Demopoulou, Amy Godman, Liam Barker, Ross Day, Jai Vaja, Oliver Chambers, Lucy Kelly, Laura McGuire.

Sports Awards: GCSE PE Student of the Year - Alexander Aldous-Ball, Ben Wright. BTEC Sport Student of the Year - Kyle Battams & Will Hoy. Footballer of the Year - Liam Barker. Girls Football Player of the Year - Sadie Mann & Jasmine Page. Football Merit Award - Alessandro Frantellizzi & Oliver Richardson. Basketball Player of the Year - Wesley Moore. Basketball Merit Award - Ryan Eaton & Cameron Rueppel. Netball Player of the Year - Laura McGuire.