Be guided on flooding

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It’s easy to think that you will never be affected by flooding, but the fact is that you could be.

Flooding takes many forms – from surface water flooding to rivers bursting their banks – and can happen at any time.

To make people aware of the potential risks as well as how to be ready if flooding does happen, Central Bedfordshire Council is supporting an action campaign being run by the Environment Agency.

Taking place from 2-13 November, it encourages people to check if their home is at risk of flooding and asks whether you would know what to do in a flood, and what you can do now to save time, money and worry if flooding did happen.

Councillor Tony Brown, Deputy Executive Member for Community Services, said: “Flooding won’t necessarily happen when you are at home or awake, so talk to your family now about where you will go if your house is affected by flooding and how to contact each other. Make a list of all your important contacts and keep it handy. Put them into your phone and include contacts for your insurance company.

“That’s just one of the simple steps you can take to prepare in case the worst should happen. And by taking a bit of time now, it will ensure that you and your family are safe and that you won’t lose valued possessions.”

The Environment Agency’s website has links to its maps which will show if you are at risk of flooding. You can also check if free flood warnings are available for your area, and there is simple guidance about creating a flood plan for your home or business.

There’s also plenty of advice and information available on the council’s website, including a link to a Flood Guide.

Follow the council at letstalkcentral on Twitter and Facebook too for more handy tips during the awareness campaign under the #floodaware hashtag.