Beach splinter warning from mum-of-two

Kalen went to A & E to get the splinters out of his feet
Kalen went to A & E to get the splinters out of his feet
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A mother-of-two is warning other parents to be careful when visiting Leighton Buzzard’s beach after her son hurt himself playing there – ending up in A&E.

Mandy Roberts, of Leighton Buzzard, took her two children with a group of friends to Parson’s Close Recreation Ground on Friday, August 25. Her five-year-old son was playing in the beach area when he got splinters in his feet.

Kalen went to A & E to get the splinters out of his feet

Kalen went to A & E to get the splinters out of his feet

She said: “After about 20 minutes he came over crying, he showed me his feet and there were about five splinters in total in his feet, one of them was really big. I was shocked that he got them from playing in the sand, I think they came from the decking around the beach.

“My friend tried to get them out but couldn’t, when we got home I tried but he was getting really upset so I let him go to bed. We ended up having to go to the A & E at Luton and Dunstable Hospital to get them taken out, they had to use numbing cream and a large needle, we were up there for about three hours.

“My friend said the same thing happened to her daughter, she was crawling in the sand and got splinters in her hands and feet. I have complained to the council. I think they need to make parents aware of these incidents so they can put shoes on their children in the sand area, if there were signs up warning us I would have got him to wear his Crocs. We have been to the beach quite a few times and this is the first time it has happened. I think it’s a great facility and we are lucky to have it, but the council should do more to prevent things like this happening.”

A spokesman for Leighton-Linslade Town Council said: “As users of the beach will note, there is signage (within the beach noticeboard at the entrance to the beach) that requires footwear to be worn at all times when using the beach and boardwalk that surrounds it.

“As the guardian/parent, the duty of care rests with the responsible adult to ensure they abide with the said recommendations.

“We all sympathise with the toddler and wish them a speedy recovery.”